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My names Emma Fenwick and I am the co-owner of this website “reviewalltech”.


The website’s idea presented itself in early 2020 just before the dreaded Covid-19 took hold of the world.


I was browsing online looking for a laptop when I was presented with many options that then took me down a rabbit hole of confusion!


I followed the same process over the following week when I was looking for an item of clothing. I figured that there must be a better way of deciding what to buy, but quicker!.


I asked myself what is it that I actually want to know about the laptop I want to buy? Does it really need to take me 3 hours to compare everything? Surely there’s a better way to get to the decision? 


After all, I just want to know its specification, benefits, drawbacks, price and user reviews


Cue – reviewalltech.com!


I wanted to create a site that others could contribute to and which gave honest, fair feedback. I wanted to know about the key things that would help me decide to buy – then buy!


I hope this website helps you on your quest to purchase without confusing you even more! 


I have aimed to keep the guides, reviews and recommendations concise and to the point – with many articles giving a clear recommendation.


Please do bookmark this site and stay in touch as I would love to hear from you all.


All the best

emma fenwick

About the author

Emma Fenwick - ReviewAllTech

I am Emma Fenwick, the owner of ReviewAllTech. An experienced product designer; I wanted to create a site where I could work with like minded people to review products without any bias or commercial pressure.

All reviews that you read on this website are genuine and based on real world use. We do not receive any money in advance of writing our reviews and so you can be rest assured what you read is based on honest feedback. 

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