HP 250 G1 Review



Product Name: HP 250 G1

Description: HP 250 G1 Notebook PC is for professionals on the move, the HP 250 features a durable chassis that helps protect against the rigors of day.

Price range: Discontinued and replaced with the HP 250 G8




Design - 7.5/10
Battery - 8/10
Size and Weight- 7.9/10
Performance- 8/10
Value- 8.5/10
Overall rating - 8.0/10

Our Review

HP 250 G1 Review Summary

HP’s first model in the mobile business market, the HP 250 G1 provides a powerful capability for those users that need a good performing laptop with credible compute power. 

The laptop comes with the early Intel I3 CPU chip and so can easily handle medium weighted use around office applications and browsing. 

A good option for those that want a balance of style, weight and power. 

HP 250 G1 Detailed Review

The HP 250 G1 is geared towards small and medium sized business that are after a laptop that gives them mobility and agility. The 250 G1 notebook packs a sizable punch when it comes to compute power boasting the I3 Intel processor, up to 6 GB RAM and a 500GB HDD.


Screen and Connectivity for the HP 250 G1

The screen display boards an envious 15.6 inch display so is well suited for stand alone working or as part of a dual screen configuration. The incredible 1266 x 768 screen resolution presents a clear and crisp image quality with decent brightness.
In terms of network and device connectivity, the HP 250 G1 laptop is well equipped for todays wired and wireless offices allowing to connect to 1GB networks. With Bluetooth 4.0 capability you can be sure it can pair with the latest smart phone devices with ease.


Battery life for the HP 250 G1

The battery life of the device can easily last a working day without charge; which makes it an ideal candidate when on the move.


HP 250 G1 Summary

In summary, the HP 250 G1 is an excellent laptop for businesses that need agility and want a device that can last the day whilst still packing a powerful compute capability.


For more information and a technical specification please see HP 250 G1